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Set up a New Tenant for Payments using PropertyMe
Set up a New Tenant for Payments using PropertyMe

Exclusively for PropertyMe users with the ChromeX

Updated over a week ago

With your ChromeX installed for PropertyMe, setting up a tenant for payments automation is ONE CLICK away πŸ˜‰

Step 1: Add the Tenancy as normal

Step 2: Once set up, open the ChromeX SideBar

Step 3: Review the details to be sent to SimpleRent

Syncing a tenancy to SimpleRent will ADD the tenancy payment details to SimpleRent as a new lease.
Details such as Allow Deposit (for NSW) and Multipliers will automatically follow the agency set up in SimpleRent.

Step 4: Click on Sync to SimpleRent.

User can check and review the tenancy newly synced in the SimpleRent page using the tenancy information.

*redirection to PropertyMe can be done using the View in PropertyMe button in the lease details page

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