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PropertyMe - Change email template for tenant invoices
PropertyMe - Change email template for tenant invoices

One time set up item for PropertyMe users

Updated over a week ago

There is a small adjustment required in the copy for the Tenants Invoice Email Template in PropertyMe .

Go the Message Template

Clone Message Template

Edit message template settings


Edit the email body

Here is the body to copy and paste

Hi {Recipient First Name},

Please find attached a new invoice for your property {Property Single Line}.

The amount owing is {Invoice Balance Due} and is *due for payment on {Invoice Due Date}. If needed a link to the invoice is here: {Invoice Link} and if there is a supporting document you will be able to see it here: {Invoice Document Link}.

*If you have a direct debit agreement set up, this invoice will be debited 2 business days prior to the due date to ensure clearing times. Please login to your account to view upcoming transaction schedules.

Please don't hesitate to contact me on {Agent Phone Numbers} should you have any queries.

With thanks,

{Send From First Name} {Send From Last Name}

{Agent Company Name}

{Agent Phone Numbers}

{Send From Email}

{Agent Website}


Saved Result

Here is what the SAVED result looks like.


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