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How to Create and Send Your Custom Payment Link
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The SimPay Payment Link is a convenient solution for your tenants to make online payments. With just one link customised for your agency, you can streamline the payment process by sharing it with everyone effortlessly.

Each agency receives a unique payment link, allowing property managers to conveniently reuse this link for collecting property payments from tenants with ease.

How to Create Your Custom Payment Link

Creating and utilising your payment link is a seamless process, exclusive to agencies with a SimpleRent account. If you're new to SimpleRent, sign up for an account to begin. Once registered, reach out to your SimpleRent Success Partner to request activation and customisation of your real estate agency's payment link. Our team will handle the setup hassle-free with your agency's branding. Once created, access your payment link on the SimPay page of your SimpleRent account.

How to Send Your Payment Link

You can easily share payment links with your customers via email, chat, or through a scannable QR code.

1. Log in to your SimpleRent account and navigate to the SimPay section.

2. Choose your sending method:

a. Send payment link via email through the app

1. Click the 'Send QR code' button.

2. Enter the payer's email address, payment amount, and rental reference number.

3. Click 'Send.' An email will be sent to your tenant with the payment link.

b. Download the payment Link with payment request letter to tenant

1. Click the 'Download QR Code' button.

2. A payment request letter in PDF format, including the payment link, will be downloaded.

3. Share this letter with your tenants via email or messaging.

c. Copy and paste the payment link URL

1. Click the 'Copy and Paste to Email' button.

2. The payment link URL will be copied to your clipboard.

3. Paste the link into an email, chat, or any communication channel and send it directly to the payer.

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