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What SimpleRent can do for PropertyMe users?
Updated over a week ago

One powerful platform built for maximum productivity.

Designed for property managers, SimpleRent’s unified platform has features for every aspect of your property management needs from document creation and signing, online payment collection, real-time dashboard for tracking, streamlined bank reconciliation to lease renewal and personalised communications.


Create and property management documents digitally


With PropDocz By SimpleRent, you can instantly generate lease contracts and property management documents with state-compliant templates ready for you to use. You can also transform your unique PDF documents into editable online forms for your tenants to sign electronically!

Set up tenant payments easily


SimpleRent allows you to seamlessly streamline your payment workflows, from effortless setup to hassle-free collection and automated invoicing. Experience the convenience of managing entry, bond, recurring rent, and more, all in one user-friendly dashboard with streamlined communications. Tenant payment automation made simple!

Get shopping discounts


With SimpleRent's shopping discount program, SimpleDiscounts tenants can enjoy exclusive discounts and vouchers from top retailers, turning their rent payments into everyday savings. Unlock over $300 in shopping benefits annually and elevate your renting experience today!

Get real time dashboard for monitoring

SimpleRent lets you stay ahead of the curve with our cutting-edge real-time dashboard! Gain instant insights into all leases and payments, keeping you in the loop with every activity, from timely reminders to upcoming renewals. With our streamlined system, you can maximize revenue and occupancy effortlessly.

Streamline bank reconciliation


Simplify your bank reconciliation process! With SimpleRent, our transaction reports sync seamlessly with any property management software, ensuring accurate matching of payments with property records.

Access ready to use state compliant property management forms

With SimpleRent, you can make the move to paperless property manage ment. PropDocz by SimpleRent offers a comprehensive suite of ready to use state-compliant PM documents that can be edited, sent, and signed electronically, providing convenience for tenants and efficiency for property managers.

Automate tenant communications

With SimpleRent, you can automate personalised messages to engage your tenants effortlessly. Send payment reminders via SMS and email with ease, and stay informed with real-time tracking of message delivery and opens.

Easy one-click invoice setup


Streamline billing with just one click! SimpleRent makes it easy to trigger property payment invoices instantly. Whether it's one-off payments or setting up payment plans, our platform simplifies the process so you can take control of your billing with ease.

Set up lease renewals in advance

Our platform allows you to monitor upcoming renewals and schedule them in advance, while also offering the flexibility to adjust lease terms and implement rent increases seamlessly. Benefit from automated agency-branded communications, ensuring tenants are informed and engaged throughout the process. With SimpleRent, you can safeguard your landlord's income streams by preventing leases from rolling over to a periodic agreement, providing stability for both parties.

Auto-retry for failed payments

With SimpleRent's auto-follow-up feature, you can say goodbye to the stress of failed payments. Our system promptly notifies tenants of any missed dues, ensuring they're aware of their outstanding balances. Not stopping there, it initiates re-debit attempts swiftly, aiming to keep your records arrears-free.

Enjoy bulk data sync and tenant invitation

Our platform offers automated bulk migration of property data, ensuring a seamless transfer without the hassle of manual input. Additionally, our auto-invitation feature streamlines tenant onboarding, making setup in SimpleRent effortless.

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