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How to reconcile with PropertyTree and PropertyTree receipting is super easy. Follow these set up steps.

Updated over a week ago

Reconciling SimpleRent transactions in PropertyTree just got a whole lot faster thanks to the recent release of Automated Receipting in PropertyTree. 

For PropertyTree to correctly read our .PAY file, you will need to ensure the Tenant Download Option is activated. 

The PropertyTree team have an easily accessible Knowledge base with the most up to date information on this feature:

  1. Navigate to the Help Option in PropertyTree

2. Search for “Tenant Download” and follow the instructions for setting up PropertyTree to accept our .PAY file

3. Watch Property Tree's latest video

Note: When you select "3rd Party Provider File" you have two choices under the Payment Method Drop Down selector. 

Direct Deposit or Payment Provider. 

If you select "Payment Provider" and wish to receipt early morning when our reports arrive, we recommend you navigate in Property Tree to:
​     "Configuration > receipt Clearance Days" and set the timing to 1 Day. 

This ensure no funds will be disbursed to an owner until the next day as funds from SimpleRent appear in most bank account between 130pm to 230pm on the settlement  day. 

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