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Receipting - PropertyMe &
Receipting - PropertyMe &

How to process the bulk transfer and individual amounts associated to properties.

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Step 1 is to Dismiss the Bulk Transaction from IntegraPay, this will be picked up in the detailed .PAY or .QIF file uploaded in Step 2

Step 2 Go Accounts, Transactions then click on Import Bank File and select the .PAY file you have downloaded with the current report for receipting from SimpleRent/IntegraPay

Step 3 Simply click the blue “Reconcile Transactions” Button

Step 4 If the tenant folio code is in the tenant file under bank reference then they will match up on import. Then all you need to do is click the blue receipt as rent.

If it was for Entry Payment, Bond Payment or an Invoice, SimpleRent adds an extra indicator to the Tenant bank reference so that these transactions stand out for receipting by simply clicking the down arrow to receipt as something else……then ……..all done and you can complete your Reconciliation process (Steps 5 & 6 cover other payment providers eg EFTPOS, steps 7 and beyond cover the standard Reconciliation steps in PropertyMe)

If you have no other payment types (e.g. EFTPOS) to process, then 

Go to Accounts > Reconciliation, click on the current month and you will see a "Green Reconcile" icon. If you see an "Orange" icon with an amount, this will mean there are other payment types such as EFTPOS that require reconciliation, see steps 5 to 9.


Step 5 For EFTPOS 

Go to Accounts > Banking, then click on the arrow


Step 7 To Reconcile:
Go toL Accounts > Reconciliation, click on the current month

Step 8 Click onClick on Blue Unreconciled Deposits

Step 9 Select the deposit you wish to reconcile using the check box and then click the "Reconcile" button

Step 10 Look for the green RECONCILED Tile = Happy Days….

Special thanks to Tracey Quinn Raine & Horne Noosa Hinterland for her contribution to this guide.

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