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9. How do I Accept an Initial 2 weeks Rent Payment
9. How do I Accept an Initial 2 weeks Rent Payment

How to accept the initial weeks rent

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9.2 The tenants can now received all emails in their mobiles and can respond to them accordingly

9.3 The tenants now has options to be able to pay through their own smartphones and even set up their own direct debit.

9.4 In cases when a tenant is in the office this allows the property manager to make the payment with the tenant. 

9.5 Clicking on the action button would offer you more options to choose from. 

9.6 What do those actions mean? 

Make payment- can be used when the tenant is in the Property Manager’s office and payment could be conducted at this point. 

Send Email- can be used if the tenant is not in the office and the Property Manager needs to resend a payment email. 

Paid Externally - Can be used when the property needs to take note if an externally payment had been actioned on the property. 

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