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13. How do I Email tenant a link to Complete their Rent Direct Debit
13. How do I Email tenant a link to Complete their Rent Direct Debit

Understanding rent Direct Debit

Updated over a week ago

13.1 You will be redirected to a personalized success and email page which is automatically generated by from SimpleRent.

13.2 Each are personalized and branded for each tenant and property manager. 

13.3 This page will include a downloadable PDF direct debit agreement file. The PDF can be downloaded any time from the system. 

13.4 This allows us to not have to use any more paper - a paperless process.

13.5 Notes on the PDF Direct Debit Agreement file:

This downloaded Agreement gives you increased flexibility with being a third party of the process

The agreement is for the current rent and any other future amount as invoice by the business. 

If there is a rent increase there is no need to seek back or create another agreement to the direct debit agreement, instead you have the authority to change the current agreement. This would lessen the complications of having more than one agreement. The agreement is bound by the corporate law that states that you can only charge 

See sample of what the PDF look like below. 

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