We recommend updating your tenant application forms so that tenants know in advance your payment options and charges.

  • Lessors look more favourably on tenants that agree to direct debit for rent payments. I will elect to pay via direct debit.      [  ] YES  [  ]  NO

  • I acknowledge that the below fees and charges may apply to certain transactions. Direct Debit set up $1.10, Bank Account Transactions $1.25, Visa/MasterCard Debit/Credit 1.98%, Amex 4.4% (international card adds 1.1%). Failed payments $7.50; all fees are charged by the payment provider IntegraPay user ID 1667 via the SimpleRent.com.au payment system, not the agency and all information regarding payments will arrive to me via email from the property management team. Money orders and bank Cheque charges may vary.
          [  ]   Acknowledged

  • I acknowledge that Bond Finance will be offered by easyBondpay during the online payment process.  [  ]  Acknowledged

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