PLEASE NOTE: This enhanced feature set goes live on all SimpleRent account 25-Jan-2018. If you would like the standard days to be adjusted before Auto-Retry occurs, please reach out to us via chat.

As always, our goal is to save Property Managers time. The below example shows the step by step actions we take at SimpleRent so you do not have to. 

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WEEK 1: What happens if AUTO RETRY 1 Fails?

1 Failed Payment Notification
Failed Payment Notification is sent to the tenant via SMS and Email with a “Pay Up Now” link that allows them to make good on their outstanding payment.

2 An email is sent every day until the designated RETRY day. 

3 Default retry day is 7 days after the original debit date.

Example email below is branded for your agency and comes from the property manager connected to the tenant for this lease (in the example below, the property manager's email address is "" if this was your tenant, the from email address would appear as your details).

4 SMS 2 - “Pay Up Now” SMS 2 sent with the email reminder 2 days prior to the RETRY date. 

5 Pending RETRY communication - Pay Up Now email on this day includes notification that the payment will be retried tomorrow if no action is taken.

WEEK 2: What happens if AUTO RETRY 1 Fails?

WEEK 3: What happens if AUTO RETRY 1 Fails?

Eventually, after 4 attempts to obtain the payment, manual intervention will be required.

This means you will need to use the "ADD PAYMENT" feature to manually add this amount.

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